The following statement has been issued by the Executive Committee of the Association of Brass Band Adjudicators regarding the Championship Regionals Test Piece “Pageantry” (Herbert Howells).

As there has been a certain ambiguity about the 3/4 bar after figure 13 (bar 5 of figure 13) in the final movement (“Jousts”), adjudicators are advised that either version of this bar is acceptable and should not be penalised.  Therefore conductors may negotiate this bar as crotchet = crotchet or as in the score,  minim = dotted minim.

We hope this clarifies any misunderstanding.






186 - 3rd Cornet - should have a B natural not a B flat.

195 - Soprano Cornet - should be marked mf

226 - 1st Baritone - quaver one should be slurred to quaver two as horns are.

233 - Eb Bass fifth quaver should be an A double flat or G natural.

292 - Solo Cornet - quaver four should be slurred to quaver five as Euphonium.



Bar 219 - 222 the B naturals are correct and should not be altered to B flats.

Bar 222 - 224 the G naturals are correct and should not be altered to G flats.