After consultation with the composer, Paul Hindmarsh (Faber Music Consultant) has drawn up an errata for Simon Dobson's work:



Bar 5: Vibraphone – 3rd quaver should be a C natural

Bar 20: Vibraphone missing dynamic – f

Bar 23: Eb Bass (2) and BBb Bass (2), Timpani, Percussion 1 – amend triplet rhythm to match the cornets:


Bar 111: Vibraphone pedal mark should be on 1st beat of bar, not 4th beat

Bar 124: 2nd & 3rd cornets (score only), these parts should match repiano. Parts are correct

Bar 125: BBb Bass (2) – add diminuendo to f to p

Bar 155: BBb Bass – remains on E throughout passage (do not move to F)

Bar 157: Percussion 2 – side drum remove second quaver of this bar

Bars 171, 175, 179, 183: Solo cornet 1 – add slurs to match the second part

Bar 289: Percussion 2 – remove move to Tam-tam instruction

Bar 320: Percussion 2 – add Bass drum

Bar 341: Trombones – remove accents



Paul Hindmarsh (03 October 2016)





The percussion requirements for this work were amended in 2016 at the request of Kapitol Promotions Music Panel, which has selected the work as the test-piece for the 2016 Championship Section finals of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, 8 October 2016.

With the co-operation of the composer, Percussion 3 material has been re-assigned, where possible, to Percussion 1 and Percussion 2, either as a re-write or cue. The reduced Percussion 3 part now becomes an option. 

Following further dialogue with the composer, the Music Selection Panel of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain have decided that bands may play the optional percussion part 3 if they wish. The adjudicators will be informed of this decision and that either performance option is equally allowable.


Percussion 1: bongos, crotales, cymbals, hi-hat cymbals, snare drum (medium high), suspended cymbal, tambourine, tam-tam.
Percussion 2: concert bass drum (shared), brake drum (shared), kit bass drum (with double kick pedal), snare drum (shared), suspended cymbal (shared), tam-tam (shared).
Percussion 3 (optional): brake drum (shared), crotales (shared), snare drum (shared), suspended cymbal (shared), tam-tam (shared).
Percussion 4: tubular bells, vibraphone, xylophone, crotales (shared)