Please click Read More to discover more about the set test-pieces for this year's National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain.

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RAH 2015 - Exhibitor Information


Heineken Green Room:

De Haske
Denis Wick
Phil Parker
R Smith
Smith Watkins

Berry Brothers Bar:

Just Music
Studio Music

Door Six:

Brass Band World
Philip Biggs
World of Brass

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The National Championships of Great Britain 2015 (Sections 1-4) was held on the weekend of 19-20 September. Please click to read the full results.

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Cheltenham 2015 - Pre-Results Concerts...

Kapitol Promotions are delighted to have secured the services of two exciting musical ensembles this year, to perform before the results of Sections Two & Three. Please click Read More for more information.

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Cheltenham 2015 (Sections 1-4) - General Information

Information on ticket prices, exhibitors and trainee adjudicators has been released by Kapitol Promotions for the upcoming National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain 2015 (Sections 1-4). Please click :: Read More for details.

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Updated Percussion for 2015 Finals - Sections 1-4

Details of percussion brands have been given to us by our percussion supplier. Please click Read More for more information.

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RAH 2015 Concert Band Announcement

Every year at the Championship Section Final at the Royal Albert Hall, a band or ensemble provides exciting musical entertainment before the results are announced. This year is no exception, as the Flowers Band have agreed to perform a short entertainment concert after the last band has come offstage.

The Flowers Band are one of the brass band movement's rising stars, with several impressive contest wins and placings at some of the biggest competitions around. Their plethora of talented players includes the internanionally-acclaimed euphonium virtuoso David Childs, and their entertainment sets in particular have drawn rave reviews. Philip Morris, Director at Kapitol Promotions Ltd., stated: "The Flowers Band are starting to make a name for themselves as a top-class band, so they seemed like a perfect choice for our prestigious pre-results concert at the Royal Albert Hall. We are certainly looking forward to their performance."

Please follow this link for more information on the Flowers Band:

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Helen Williams joins the Registry

Flugel star Helen Williams has taken on the role of Deputy Registrar with the Brass Band Players Registry. Please click Read More for more information.

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Percussion Provided - National Finals, Championship Section

Please click Read More below to see the list of percussion instruments provided at the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain (Championship Section), 10 October 2015

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ERRATA - The Alchymist's Journal
The Alchymist’s Journal (Kenneth Hesketh): Correction 
Bars 186-188: 1st and 2nd Horns should play one tone down, to match bars 114-116.
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