The actual beginnings of the band are not known, but based on past records, it is assumed that it was formed in the 1860’s, and was made up of a small group of music lovers, all from the Corsham area.

Today, although Corsham has grown rapidly, the membership consists mainly of musicians from outside the area, who travel many miles weekly to play.

The band has the double-headed eagle of The Methuen Coat of Arms as its insignia.

Lord Methuen, the owner of Corsham Court Estate, granted this to the band in the 1950’s.

First appearance at Nationals since 2014 (Section 4). Total of 13 previous Nationals appearances, including 8 in S3. Highest documented Nationals placing of 5th (S4 2014, S2 1981). Most recent appearance at S3 was 1995.


Principal Players

Nick House – Principal Cornet

Karen Adams-Pearce – Principal Euphonium