Cheltenham Silver


Cheltenham Silver Band was formed in 1937 as the work’s band of local engineering firm Aircraft Components Limited. In 1946 the band became known as Cheltenham Spa Band and in 1968 (at a time when the town’s spa water was undrinkable!) simply Cheltenham Silver Band.

The age of the band’s members ranges from primary school children to retirees, many of whom have graduated through the Training band. This group is currently very successful with rehearsals regularly attended by in excess of 30 players, some young and some not so young. The Training Band also perform at events in their own right in the local area and works with many charities to further their aim of giving the life skill of playing a musical instrument to as many children as possible.

The band has regularly featured on the contest stage throughout its history and results have steadily improved over the last few years. Achieving second place in last year’s 4th section regional contest and this year winning the 3rd section has resulted in two successive invitations to the National Finals and two successive promotions.

Cheltenham Silver Band are looking forward to competing in the 2nd Section next year, for the first time in over 50 years!

Local band to the Nationals, appeared here last year in Section 4. Total of 5 previous Nationals appearances. Highest documented Nationals placing was 6th (S4 1958). Qualified for 4 consecutive years 1958-1961, but after qualifying in 1961 had to wait 55 years to qualify again (S4 2016). Only previous appearance at S3 was 1959.

Principal Players

Principal Cornet: Pippa Martin

Principal Euphonium: Angie Shepherd

Soprano: Alastair Stock

Solo Horn: Debbie Galliott

Principal Trombone: Chris Tait

Eb Bass: Andy Shepherd

Principal Percussionist: Ruth Lamb