Sections 1-4 - Percussion List

National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain 2017

Sections 1-4 Final | The Centaur @ Cheltenham Racecourse | 16-17 September



Percussion supplied by Ev-Entz

Ev-Entz do not supply ANY beaters / mallets / twigs - bands must provide their own

Timpani will be positioned between Bass Trombone & Eb Bass


Section 4, 2 & 1: 4x Yamaha Timpani & Stool (32”, 29”, 26” 23”)

Section 3 only : 2x Premier Timpani (32” & 30”)


1x Glockenspiel & Stand

1x Drumkit & cymbals

1x Concert Bass Drum on tilting stand

1x Concert Snare Drum on tall Stand

1x Tom Tom on Stand

1x pair Clash Cymbals on Stand

2x Suspended Cymbals on stand

1x 32” Tam Tam on low floor stand

1x Mark Tree (Wind Chime) on stand

2x Triangle on stand

1x set of 5x LP granite blocks on stand (Temple Blocks)

1x pair Bongos on tall stand

1x Handheld Tambourine

1x Mounted Tambourine

4x Trap Tray